Are Fibroids to Blame for Your Heavy Periods?

Posted March 20, 2020 in Fibroids

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Approximately 80 percent of women experience some form of period pain in their lifetimes. And, five to 10 percent of women report this pain being so severe that it disrupts their daily life. However, in today’s modern world, you should not have to accept this fate. 

If fibroids are causing you to have heavy periods and period pain, there may be an easy fix.Women suffering from abdominal cramps.

What Are Fibroids?

Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop on or in a woman’s uterus. These growths can sometimes grow to be very large and result in menstrual pain and heavy periods. Fibroids are usually benign; however, the cause for them is unknown.

In some cases, fibroids cause no symptoms or signs in an individual. An estimated 80 percent of women will have them by the age of 50, with many of these women not knowing.

There are four types of fibroids:

  1. Intramural fibroids
  2. Subserosal fibroids
  3. Pedunculated fibroids
  4. Submucosal fibroids

What Are the Symptoms of Fibroids?

The symptoms for fibroids vary depending on the size of the tumors and where they are located. Some of the signs and symptoms of fibroids are:

  • Heavy bleeding during periods with blood clots
  • Pain in the lower back and pelvis
  • Increased urination
  • Worsened menstrual cramping
  • Longer periods
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Pressure on the lower abdomen
  • Swelling of the lower abdomen

Do Fibroids Cause Heavy Periods?

Yes, fibroids can cause heavier periods and more intense menstrual cramping.

How Are Fibroids Diagnosed?

If you are displaying the above symptoms and believe you may have fibroids, speak with your doctor. However, for proper diagnosis, you will need to see a gynecologist for a pelvic exam. A gynecologist will recommend an ultrasound, a transvaginal ultrasound, or a pelvic MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

Can Surgery Help With Fibroids?

Yes, surgery can help. After a definite diagnosis of fibroids, women may consider surgery for treatment. This is especially recommended for women who are finding the pain is disrupting their lives. 

Additionally, fibroids can make it difficult to conceive, so women who wish to get pregnant may also choose surgery.

The type of procedure for fibroids is a minimally-invasive surgery (MIS) called a myomectomy. This surgery will look to remove very large or clusters of fibroids that have developed. The operation is very straightforward, with a few small incisions being made in the abdomen to access the uterus. After an MIS, women will feel less pain,  heal quickly, and carry a lower risk of infection.

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