Debunking 4 Myths About Childbirth

Posted October 01, 2021 in Midwife Services

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Myths regarding childbirth can be scary and even cause women to make decisions based on things that are not true. That is why expecting mothers should be as informed as possible when it comes to childbirth. 

Keep reading to discover the four most common myths people believe about childbirth — and why they are not true.

Woman holding her newborn baby in hospital.

1. C-Sections Are Less Painful Than Natural Childbirth

There is a misconception out there that c-sections offer a less painful alternative to natural childbirth. 

In reality, the difference is when the pain comes. 

Yes, a c-section typically offers anesthesia that numbs the mother from feeling everything during childbirth. However, the recovery from a c-section is much longer and challenging. 

Mothers report pain and discomfort in the abdomen as they recover from a c-section.

2. You Cannot Give Birth Naturally After a C-Section

Another myth many women believe is that once you have had one c-section, all your childbirths will have to be via c-section. This myth exists because, previously, this was the approach. For many years, medical staff encouraged women who had c-sections to schedule c-sections for any upcoming births. 

Today, it’s accepted that vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is still the safest route for the mother and the child (if possible).

3. Epidurals Increase Your Chances of Needing a C-section

It’s estimated that two out of three women in the U.S. will get an epidural during childbirth. Some women choose to opt out of epidurals for various reasons, which is perfectly fine and up to the individual mother. That being said, you shouldn’t deny an epidural for reasons that aren’t accurate.

There is a widespread message out there that epidurals increase a woman’s risk of requiring a c-section. In reality, countless studies since the 1990s have shown that this isn’t the case. You can rest assured that your decision to get or decline an epidural shouldn’t sit around the fact that it will trigger the need for a c-section.

4. All Moms Instantly Bond With Their Newborn

The scene is always the same on television: the mother sees the newborn and instantly bonds with them. And, while skin-to-skin contact between the mom and a newborn is important, it is essential to understand that immediate bonding doesn’t always occur. 

Moms need to know this so they don’t feel ashamed, confused, or upset if that happens to them. For many mothers, bonding takes a little time, and that is perfectly okay.

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