What Can I Do About My Stretch Marks Without Surgery?

Posted December 05, 2022 in Laser Treatments, Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a common frustration after dealing with weight issues, pregnancy, or even puberty.

Sadly, there’s not much you can do to eliminate the appearance of these unwanted markings naturally. While some women can remove some of these lines with body contouring surgeries, like tummy tuck or thigh lift surgery, stretch marks are hardly the primary reason to consider plastic surgery procedures. For one, surgery is an invasive process that not everyone needs or wants. Secondly, these treatments only address the stretch marks that happen to be located on the skin being excised. 

Before and after photo of laser treatment to remove stretch marks.

Therefore, these procedures do nothing to address the root cause of stretch marks or actually treat the concern.

Fortunately, women and men whose surrounding skin is in relatively good shape can find relief from their stretch marks thanks to advancements in laser treatments. One of these treatments is the Icon™ Laser

This device effectively reduces the appearance of stubborn stretch marks without the need for surgery.  

What Is the Icon Laser, and What Can It Do?

The Icon™ laser uses fractional laser technology that delivers powerful pulses of energy deep in the skin to target your undesirable discoloration, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks without harming the surrounding skin. 

The energy is absorbed into the treated area and triggers your skin’s natural healing ability. This healing takes place over the following few weeks, and you will see steady improvement in the appearance of the treated skin.

The Icon™ Laser Experience

You can expect your Icon™ laser treatment to last about 30 minutes. First, eye shields are provided to protect your eyes from exposure to the laser during your session. Your provider will guide the Icon™ device over the affected area to deliver healing energy into your skin. 

Your Icon™ laser treatment is fully customizable, and depending on the intensity chosen, you may experience mild discomfort or none at all. After-care instructions are provided to manage any temporary redness and swelling, which can last up to three days.

Brown debris may appear on the treated skin immediately following treatment. It can be cleaned with a gentle, non-irritating soap.

Three to five treatment sessions scheduled three to six weeks apart are typically required for optimal results.

Icon™ Laser Tips for Achieving the Best Results

  1. Prior to your session, clean the treatment area and do not apply any lotions or other products.
  2. Discontinue using tanning beds and protect the areas to be treated from sun exposure during the four weeks before your appointment. Be wary of both of these after your treatment, as these can speed up the aging process and result in sun damage and other skin blemishes. Use an SPF 45 sunscreen or greater at all times for at least six months after your last laser treatment.
  3. Continue with your recommended number of Icon™ Laser treatments.

Treating Stretch Marks in Santa Rosa, CA with the Icon™ Laser

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