Are Fibroids to Blame for Your Heavy Periods?

Posted March 20, 2020 in Fibroids

3 Minute Read:  Approximately 80 percent of women experience some form of period pain in their lifetimes. And, five to 10 percent of women report this pain being so severe that it disrupts their daily life. However, in today’s modern world, you should not have to accept this fate.  If fibroids are causing you to […]

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What Is the Right Way to Perform a Breast Self Exam?

Posted February 28, 2020 in Breast Health

It is a regrettable fact that breast cancer will affect the lives of one out of every eight women.  While you cannot prevent breast cancer, you can improve your doctor’s ability to treat this cancer with early diagnosis.  What Are Breast Cancer Risk Factors? Breast cancer is linked to one of two things: genetics or […]

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Benefits of CoolSculpting®

Posted August 08, 2019 in CoolSculpting®

Benefits of CoolSculpting®   Many patients struggling with stubborn fat deposits feel it will be impossible to achieve the slim and attractive figure they desire.  Excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise may require an entirely different approach, such as liposuction. However, some patients may be hesitant to undergo surgery because it is […]

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How to Treat an Overactive Bladder

Posted June 03, 2019 in Overactive Bladder

With age, many women may begin to experience uncomfortable changes to their body that can affect their overall health and well-being. One of the most common issues is an overactive bladder. Overactive bladder (OAB) is a medical condition that causes patients to have a sudden urge to urinate throughout the day. This problem is not […]

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What Is Menopause?

Posted April 08, 2019 in Menopause

While many women find themselves stressing over unwanted changes and facial imperfections such as wrinkles or fine lines when they age, they may soon find themselves realizing their menstrual cycle is another thing to add to the list of changes. Menopause is a biological process that occurs when a woman has not had her menstrual […]

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