How to Treat an Overactive Bladder

Posted June 03, 2019 in Overactive Bladder

With age, many women may begin to experience uncomfortable changes to their body that can affect their overall health and well-being. One of the most common issues is an overactive bladder. Overactive bladder (OAB) is a medical condition that causes patients to have a sudden urge to urinate throughout the day. This problem is not […]

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What Is Menopause?

Posted April 08, 2019 in Menopause

While many women find themselves stressing over unwanted changes and facial imperfections such as wrinkles or fine lines when they age, they may soon find themselves realizing their menstrual cycle is another thing to add to the list of changes. Menopause is a biological process that occurs when a woman has not had her menstrual […]

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Debunking 5 Myths About Pregnancy

Posted December 27, 2018 in Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy can be an exciting but nerve-wracking time for many women. It can be hard to know the rights and wrongs when it comes to nurturing your baby while also taking care of your own health. Many times when a woman seeks advice from others regarding routine care during their pregnancy, they come across confusing […]

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